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Burda #7382 Leggings and Hot Patterns 1211 The Weekender Swingy Sweatshirt

This has been a fun sewing week for me because I’ve been experimenting with some new styles on me.   I like the look of the relaxed top with some leggings, so first up, I wanted to test out a legging … Continue reading

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Burda 7082 – An awesome work dress (or two!)

Normally when I decide what to sew, I start with a pattern.  Well, in recent times, my fabric stash has grown out of control!  I currently have fabric sitting on the floor b/c my closet is too stuffed to put … Continue reading

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Christmas Gift Sewing

There has been a whirlwind of activity going on in my sewing room for Christmas this year!  It’s been CRAZY.  It’s been so crazy that I haven’t had much time to do anything but work and sew for the last … Continue reading

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Burda 8184 – Unlined Jacket

In the last post, I was testing muslins.  I decided to test one more, Burda 8184, and it’s the one that I decided to go with.  Here’s the pattern. I liked that this was styled like a traditional blazer, just … Continue reading

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A tale of 3.5 tests

So last week I did a test of the Jalie Eleonores.  I used a ponte knit as my muslin fabric.  Overall, they need some work.  I didn’t want to take the time to get them fixed, so I just put them … Continue reading

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Burda 7746 – Wardrobe Pair #2

They are complete!  I don’t have much more to say on them.  Here are the pics  I’m debating whether the next thing to sew will be the final pair of pants (yes, it’s official…it’s going to be pants) or one … Continue reading

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Burda 7746

I made them for real this time!!!  Yeah!!!!  I was so tired of making muslins…  So I’m moderately happy with how these turned out.  Here are the pics. Overall, the front view is good, the side view  has extended calf drag … Continue reading

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Burda 7746 – Pants and Burda 6764 – Top. A tale of two tests!

In preparation for the wardrobe contest, I’ve been making some tests today!  Doing this isn’t exactly my favorite thing to do, but I’ve had enough failures to know that it’s necessary! First up was Burda 7746, a now out of … Continue reading

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Boxers Kwik Sew 3793 (kind of) and a Mock Bra…or two

I finished my husbands second pair of boxers!!!!!   I always feel like I should have some way to celebrate when I finish something….Here they are.        It’s hard to see the details on these due to the Spidey … Continue reading

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Slow, slow sewing

Here in KS, the weather is quickly turning into fall, and I think the change in season just throws me for a little bit.  I’ve just felt amazingly tired lately.   Since my only real rule that I try to … Continue reading

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